Seb Lloyd

Hello there, my name is Sebastian Lloyd. I am a 20 year old writer from South east London. I am currently a undergraduate English and Creative writing student at UEA. I have performed my work at The Poetry cafe, SET Dalston, Upstairs at the Ritzy, Spoken not stirred and many other more unlikely places. I am also the current Head of Online for UEA’s student radio station Livewire1350. This blog is the culmination of often the most strange and the most personal writing I have done throughout the 3 years since I set it up. It is not perfect and is not intended to be. It has become a way of signposting my own progression, and a way of sharing that progress with the world. I am available for help with editing at, I am also available for Tutoring English for GCSE and A-level students at the same email. Keep creating.

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